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Up Helly Aa 2024

cr Shetland Times

Belmont House Unst is participating and hosting guests for next year’s Up Helly Aa on Unst and Cullivoe (Yell).

Season of Darkness

We have partnered together with a local guide who is a renowned meteorologist.

Aurora Borealis

Belmont House Unst Shetland Islands accommodation hotel

From August to February each year, Unst is a great location to see the Northern Lights ‘Aurora Borealis’ or, ‘The Mirrie Dancers’.

Luxury Dining

We are now able to prepare a three-course meal for you in luxurious surroundings.
Up to 8 persons can dine in splendour with wine-tasting options and a live Harpist playing music for you.

Price on Application