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Aurora Borealis

From August to February each year, Unst is a great location to see the Northern Lights ‘Aurora Borealis’ or, as they are known locally, The Mirrie Dancers.
The dancers can be seen well through a camera at slow shutter speed from early August but the real treat is to see them with the naked eye. Due to the Simmer Dim, the daylight permeating night throughout the summer, we don’t ever really get a true night time experience. However, come the end of Simmer Dim at the end of August the nights turn into true night and the Dancers can be seen on clear nights.

Come and spend a weekend with us where we will take you to some of the darkest places in Shetland so you can see this magical phenomenon for yourself. If the dancers aren’t dancing or it is too cloudy, then we will take you over the Bluemull Sound or Skaw beaches where we will prepare for you a nice BBQ chased down with beer or wines at your preference. Chairs and blankets and good stories will be provided.

‘Mirrie Dancers’ at Belmont House Unst