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Season of Darkness

The darkest of skies

Walking at night is an adventure in itself. Rather than settling in to a soft sofa, open up the world around you and experience the night skies as you may never have seen them before.
Partnering with Fabian Kuntz, we will take you on a journey of discovery walking the Planetary Trail and seeing for yourself the meteorites up close and personal.

Unst is a fabulous place to see stars and planets because it is a Dark Sky Zone. If you are watching carefully, you are very likely to see shooting stars upon which you can make your wish.

Night walks are a super way of getting rid of those winter blues as your mind and soul are opened up to the simply astronomical sights and facts about the nights sky.

This is a truly sensory experience and there’s nothing quite like a starry night sky to make you feel more invigorated and at one with the universe.

Please contact us for information on group sizes and cost.